Raquel Torres. Everything is not Over. 2016.

Image of Everything is (not) Over, acrylic and collage on canvas, by Raquel Torres

Raquel Torres, “Everything is (not) Over” 2016, acrylic and collage on canvas.

The moment I read the poem it resonated with me. It was the perfect description of the pain I felt. The pain of losing a loved one. The pain I kept falling into each time it hit me, again and again, that they were gone. The image I saw in my head was of a girl willing in darkness and grief, so that’s where I started. Then, one day, when my grief was particularly bad, someone gave me a few words of widsdom that really helped to bring me out of my grief. I was reminded that I am the one feeling the pain of their loss. My lost loved ones are happy, free, and together again. It was after this conversation that I began to imagine them surrounded in light and happiness, and was able to finish the painting.
The pain is not gone, I don’t think it will ever be gone, but it becomes bearable. No longer all encompassing as I remember the smiles and the love we shared, waiting patiently for the day we are together again.

-Raquel Torres

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