Jessica Lara. The Vortex. 2016.

Image of The Vortex, acrylic on canvas, by Jessica Lara

Jessica Lara, “The Vortex” 2016, acrylic on canvas.

The poem that was an inspiration for my painting talked about language, and knowing when (an) ancient language dies is when the sun turns black. When I first read the poem I automatically thought of color. I think I did a good job of translating the poem into a painting without any images. The colors that I thought of were the colors of a sunset. I had a picture in my phone that I took from my vacation this past January of the Costa Rican sunset. The colors of the sunset were the inspiration for my colors, I did a lot of layering of colors to get the colors that I wanted. In my study I originally had one corner that was fully painted black, and the splatters of black coming out from it. In my painting, I wanted to add black to my piece in a subtle way. I think that my painting is successful because it shows the feeling of chaos and sadness that the poem is talking about.

-Jessica Lara

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