Untitled. Gouache and Acrylic on Paper. 43 x 28 cm

Untitled. Gouache and Acrylic on Paper. 43 x 28 cm

Working on this project accompanied a very personal moment about getting in touch again with a fresher state of myself. Perhaps upgrades are not required only in the case of devices; especially after intense changes and events that our mind may think run easily, our biological body asks for assimilation time as well.

That’s when art, once again, has shown me that it’s a bond between our parts, the understandable and the not so comprehensible (not even perceptible) ones. I could say that this artistic exploration through the poems was also a kind of connection that woke up my senses little by little. I felt that something restarted, a shy and delicate dance with my sweet-bitterness, feminine-masculine, with the layers that construct me at the sensorial-affective memories, and with my yearnings-letdowns, which after all, in essence, seem to be the same as the collective ones. Perhaps as humans, we always go back to visit these areas just because it seems to be the place where flavors in life happen.

Well, so I want to thank Gabi and Alí for sharing such a great poems; I really enjoyed reading, re-reading, listening (I recorded myself reciting in order to hear the poems as I was painting), and of curse, painting! Personally, I decided to make a response-painting, working more with the sensations thus generated and with linkages with my imaginary. Although I listened to several poems in Spanish, three in particular created the space for this narrative: Madrugada en Toniná, Qué extraña agua es esta, and Nunca pensé cuando te vi.

I found this project a very open and a delightful proposal that let me work just experiencing and feeling in the same way I hope you, too, will enjoy the fruit of my exploration and travels with your art.

Isabel Alegría Falconí Núñez