The Astronomer

Danica Jones, "The Astronomer", 2016, acrylic on canvas.

Danica Jones, “The Astronomer”, 2016, acrylic on canvas.

Before the poetry translation project started, I had an idea for an unrelated painting. There was white paint on my towel and I saw the profile of a woman in it. It was a painting that I was going to do in my free time, but after reading through the poems, I decided to incorporate it into my poetry translation painting. My painting is of a woman that the astronomer sees and dreams about. As described in the poems, she has unnaturally long hair and is holding a yellow flower between her fingers.

The poems that inspired my painting were “Voces De Portocaliu”, “A Girl Was Combing Her Hair”, and “A Walk in The Wind.” I took different pieces of each poem and frankensteined them into an astronomy love story. Because the actual astronomer is not depicted in the painting, I decided to incorporate him into it by naming the painting “The Astronomer.”

Personally, I feel that this painting is only a study and does not have the qualities that it would have if I was able to acquire the size of canvas I wanted. By doing this painting I was able to figure out what elements and techniques work and do not work for the image I was going for. I think that the body turned out better than I thought it would, but it didn’t turn out how I planned. Although, it was successful in the way that the yellow reacts with the different shades of blues.

-Danica Jones