Table of Contents, Vol. 1, Fall 2017

Editors’ Notes

Featured Poet: Omar Lara

The House.  Translated by Jazmín Barragan

Something is happening. Translated by Jazmín Barragan

I account for my actions (1-3). Translated by Marlen Zaragoza

A girl was combing her hair.  Translated by Marlen Zaragoza

A walk and the windTranslated by Marlen Zaragoza

In praise of poetry. Translated by Marlen Zaragoza

Children of the rain. Translated by Guadalupe Robles

The centers of the earth. Translated by Guadalupe Robles

Of all the names. Translated by Gabriela Muñoz

Poetry. Translated by Gabriela Muñoz

Olmec woman. Translated by Guadalupe Robles

Featured Poet: Alí Calderón

Somehow Nayeli. Translated by Liana Hernández

I never thought when I saw you. Translated by Teresa Piccirillo

Tes mots. Translated by Olga Saldivar

(Morphic Resonance). Translated by Daniel Hargis

[Tonina in the Morning]. Translated by Edgar Gómez 

What strange water is this. Translated by Tanya Velázquez

Two Angels. Translated by Verónica González

With the fine rain of August. Translated by Verónica González

IN THE LIGHTNESS AND SWING OF HER STEP. Translated by Guadalupe Robles

In the lightness and swaying of her stepTranslated by Alejandra González Jiménez

DON’T HANG UP. Translated by Guadalupe Robles

Don’t hang up! Translated by Alejandra González Jiménez

SOMEONE THAT ISN’T ME. Translated by Guadalupe Robles

Someone I’m not. Translated by Alejandra González Jiménez

Featured Poet: Mario Bojórquez

Similcadencia. Translated by Verónica González

Listen to the sound of your blood throbbing. Translated by Verónica González

Wash your body at the river bank. Translated by Verónica González

Addendum. Translated by Verónica González

NOW YOU MUST BE LYING. Translated by Guadalupe Robles

Now you must be lying face down. Translated by Alejandra González Jiménez

THE EXIT TO SAN DIEGO. Translate by Guadalupe Robles

Departure to San Diego. Translated by Alejandra González Jiménez

Featured Poet: Álvaro Solís

The rain ignites the words of the dead in my house. Translated by Marlen Zaragoza

Conversion. Translated by Marlen Zaragoza

Prayer of the wind. Translated by Marlen Zaragoza

Translations of Zapotec Poems

Everything is over. Translated by Eden Vasquez

Reproach. Translated by Eden Vasquez

Zapoteco. Translated by Eden Vasquez

Art Translations

Light of the Night by Nour Fatal
The Astronomer by Danica Jones
Absence by Abigail Kramer
The Vortex by Jessica Lara
Everything is (not) Over by Raquel Torres
Untitled by Isabel Alegría Falconí Núñez

Translators’ Bios

Artists’ Bios