Abigail Kramer. Absence. 2016.

Image of Absence, acrylic on canvas, by Abigail Kramer.

Abigail Kramer, “Absence” 2016, acrylic on canvas.

I chose a Zapoteco poem as inspiration for my poetry translation. This poem was about someone leaving and the feeling of lonesomeness and emptiness. It talked about how the person in the poem’s eye were clouded over in an eclipse. Therefore, for my painting, I really wanted to capture the mood of this poem using abstract objects. I used dark colors and created an eclipse. The background of my painting had several layers to create a sort of clouded look. I think my painting was successful in creating the mood of loneliness. I also like the blue circle I included in the bottom which really worked to break up the symmetry of the painting. I like the several layers I did with every part of the painting because it really created more depth to the painting.

-Abigail Kramer

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