I account for my actions (1-3)

Doy cuenta de mis actos (1-3) written by: Omar Lara
Translated from the Spainsh by: Marlen Zaragoza


I left then for Portocaliu
It was one afternoon and I flew
Flew towards Portocaliu
As I was flapping my wings I was whispering to myself
This flight, ¿what is it for if not to
Find her?
And I flapped and flapped my wings and I arrived
The first thing
I realized when I got to Portocaliu
The first thing, I’m telling you,
Portocaliu was not Portocaliu
There was a river
There was a sky and there was a gaze
More eager than wise
And although there was a shape
I could not find the key
The password the abracadabra


In the flight dream
She was standing and I raised my arms (arthritic
But resolute) to the height of her chest or her shoulders
I strongly seized her
Made her mine in that embrace
But there was no word there was no key
There was no password or abracadabra

I searched and searched in my pockets and she was not there
I rummaged through my head and she was not there either
I asked a lady who was selling newspapers
And she looked at me with sarcasm
I went to the internet and no one from the stellar highway
Gave me a sign of solidarity
But there she was
In Portocaliu which was not Portocaliu
The queen of my dream the incandescent cricket
What was there then? What did I find?


A time
Immeasurable in my delirium
Had remained in the heights of a mountain
Something similar to the Rock of Gibraltar
Impressive dry solitary
Dominating spaces and quests
I saw her there and went to her
Obedient persistent
I saw her clear in my mind
I smelled the traces of her steps in
The miraculous trail
I saw her again
Again and