Children of the rain

Niños de la lluvia written by Omar Lara
Translated from the Spanish by Guadalupe Robles

I undress myself
Throw my clothes
Accumulated dust
And I end up like this
Half naked
Half crazy

Children of the rain
Lip and
Of tired knives
Children of flight and distance

Children of the rain
Sheltered under archways
Lying on the coastal rocks

If we are but mirrors
What do we see right now?
Perhaps the cold fog
The scab from the other distance
The rings of growth
That surround and protect


Children of the rain
On the bridges on a sunny afternoon
In the time of the time that loved
That loved the children of the rain
Invincible and lame
Beautiful and extravagant
Sweet to the point of blood and pain

Children of the rain
How easy to walk on the threads
Of water

How easy to laugh
How easy to cry
How easy to flee
From the guardians of the evening

Everything was easy
It was enough with dying a little.