Light of the Night

Nour Fatal, "Light of the Night" 2016, acrylic on canvas.

Nour Fatal, “Light of the Night” 2016, acrylic on canvas.

…I chose the poem “Prayer of The Wind”. The poem describes a ship being lost in the ocean, and praying that God shows them the way through the sky. While starting my sketching, I first wanted to do something very traditional, a ship being unbalanced by the waves while the sky is cloudy with an area that is lit up to represent God. My second sketch was inspired by the part of the poem where the author hopes that God leads the way through the sky. I drew a giant moon with a silhouette of a ship. My third and final sketch became the one I chose for my painting. In the poem, finding a way back home seemed to be very important, and that was what I was trying to portray. I drew a lighthouse to represent finding the way back home. The ocean was one of the first thing I painted. It was a very enjoyable experience for me, it was new and fun. It was also terrifying because I felt like I was working against time. I first painted the dark blue, then I added lighter blues, then white. I felt as if, if the paint dried before I finished the section, it would not give the same effect as before. I then painted the sky, and I had the same problem with the sea. The halos around the moon kind of represents the echo of the moon showing the ship home. The painting then ended up showing and being about light more than the feeling of home. I like that the painting projects so much light even though the painting’s setting is nighttime. I overall really enjoyed this painting.

-Nour Fatal