In the lightness and swaying of her step

In the lightness and swaying of her step written by Alí Calderón
Translated from the Spanish by Alejandra González Jiménez

In the lightness and swaying of her step,
	the air trembles with clarity. 

The whitest and most dazzling light of the day 
	surrounds her waist.

In front of her open eyes, 
	the finest sands of the low tide in the sun
flaunt harmless glitter

A blooming sweetness ignites
	all the growth of her flesh.

The most intense, fiercest, and
	incomparable shine of that which is beautiful
		glows in her.

All the potency in her body reaches the quality of act.
	It is only through her being that existence is fully 
		discerned and clarified.

The clearest, most inconceivable, gleaming, limpid morning
	lives in her.

The eleven o’clock sun fully shines
under the subtle and soft thread of her blouse.

The curvature of her image,
                   hides another truth.

Her lips are an enchanted verse
	in the burning of the flame where poetry burns undamaged.

	She is transparency.