I never thought when I saw you

Nunca pensé cuando te vi written by Alí Calderón
Translated from the Spanish by Teresa Piccirillo

I never thought when I saw you with a collar and sweater of lilac color,

if I remember well,

That we would end up doing what we do now with such sophistication thanks to the long

hours of good practice

I used to recurrently outline your hips in my memory
My yearning sensed the relentlessly incomplete round desire of your body
And I could even guess at the smoothness and aroma of your neck under the caresses of

my tongue

Where were you a couple years ago, you asked
But the possibility of us throbbed dozens of centuries before you and I could even think

of it

Here is where I feel at home, my true home
Sweetened by the silkiness of your thighs
Professing and worshipping a new faith which in the consistency of your flesh
Meets what is high and sacred and ethereal
Every day
A dark and yet at the same time light transubstantiation makes us part of the same
My hand only acquires meaning as an extension of yours
My spine responds for both of us, as do my two hundred bones
What to say of the water in my body that when you look at me
Evaporates and extinguishes irrevocably
That’s why
At this now late hour of the night
When the only light I have is from a certain sparkle in your eyes
I burn
I combust in tangible flames
I kiss you, free you of your blouse, and after defeating the clasps of your bra,
I suck at your breasts with a devoted fervor until they are sore and worn
So your taste will never leave my mouth
And I rest on your womb, model your waist with my palm, every inch of your waistline
I tense the arc that forms between your lower back and buttocks
Scatter taste buds on your legs and inner thighs
To finally…
That’s why
At this now late hour of the night
– I whispered into her ear while my pelvis sank into her skin –
That’s why
My chest burns with something very much like
Very similar
To love.